Who are we?

As Colora Pack, we are on the way to become one of the leading global brands in the sectors we serve by developing quality, innovative products in line with the needs of the sector in our integrated facility that we established in April 2021.

We produce at high quality standards in our 12500 square meter integrated production facility located in Istanbul - Çatalca.

The packaging that our R&D team meticulously prepared by following the latest technology brings a new breath to the sector. In our packaging production facility, we can provide 5 different services that are most demanded by the industry. We can do bottle painting, metallized coating, mold, injection, decoration and printing (Screen Printing, gilding, coating, coloring).

In our facility, there are 2 plastic injection lines with an annual production capacity of 70 million plastic packaging, and a paint line with a capacity of dyeing 170 million products per year. In addition to these lines, there are 2 CNC sewing machines and a high-tech CNC lathe working with 0.1% precision in our facility.

You dream, we create...

We produce at high quality standards in our integrated production facility of 12500 square meters.

Our Strategy

To offer products suitable for every need by constantly increasing the satisfaction of all stakeholders, with worldwide geographic prevalence, innovation, quality and leadership in lean development.


To offer responsible and innovative packaging solutions through universal principles and Colora Pack’s values for the well-being of the Society.


To be a global benchmark packaging company that directs the sector.

70 million plastic packaging production capacity

High-tech CNC lathe working with 0.1 precision

170 million product painting capacity

Perfect and high quality molds

Our Values

Leadership and Courage

Innovation - Technology - Quality - Expertise
With expertise, determination, courage, knowledge and passion for progress, we will continue to set global standards by supporting sustainable novelties and initiatives in the fields of innovation, technology, quality and efficiency.

Passion for Creation and Achievement

Value - Effect - The future - Confidence
By offering suitable solutions for every need, we produce with passion not only to meet the needs of our consumers today but also in the future, and help our customers to shape their next generation products.

Care and Responsibility

Employee - Product - Environment - Society
We work to fulfill our responsibility to the environment and society and to create a positive impact. We work to create value with our products, activities, resources and assets by always prioritizing employee and product safety.

Business ethics and Honesty

Honesty - Ethical behavior - Respect - Legal spirit
We do not compromise on ethics and morality in our behavior and we build our relationships on this basis. In the light of the most important asset of our corporate culture, we continue our activities in an honest, respectful and lawful manner.